Welcome to RSCEmulation, the most active and longest running RuneScape Classic Private Server!

To play, please use the Client Loader. Make sure you create a character via the Character Hub.



  1. By creating an account and/or entering this website you hereby agree that you are not in anyway affiliated with Jagex Game Studios.
  2. You also agree that RSCEmulation is not in anyway affiliated with JageX Game Studios.
  3. By registering you automatically assert that you are aware of the below rules and agree to abide by them at all times.

    **The rules may change at any time without any notice. Please make sure you check frequently.

  1. No Autoing/Macroing (which includes using a modified client or 3rd party software)

  • Anyone caught using a third-party application or modified client to give him or her any advantage over other players will be permanently banned.
  • Repeat offenders may have all associated characters, forum accounts, and IP's banned.
  • By using third party software, you put all of your characters at risk and those of other players who play on the same IP address as you. (family or friends)
  • If you share a connection, be sure to have a firm understanding with those whom you share with to play fairly, as we can not and will not attempt to distinguish the differences between you.
  • We have numerous automatic detection scripts in place, which alert us immediately upon the use of 3rd party software.

  2. No Scamming/Hacking (accessing another account without permission)

  • If a player's IP is found on another account without permission all their linked accounts will be permanently banned.
  • Do not login to any account except your own as someone may be trying to set you up.

  3. No Disrespecting Staff

  • We're here to make the server run smoothly for you.
  • We won't target you or anyone else, and we certainly won't abuse our powers.
  • We won't disrespect you and we'll do our utmost to prevent anyone else from disrespecting you, so please, give us the same respect back.
  • We will not tolerate the abuse and will act accordingly if we believe you are getting out of hand.

  4. No Real-World Trading (which includes swapping between other servers and games)

  • Selling RSCEmulation items/gold/accounts/services for real-life money is strictly forbidden and anyone caught doing so will be permanently banned on all accounts with absolutely no warning.
  • All trades, duels, drops, and pick-ups are logged and you will be caught.

  5. No Overly Abusive/Vulgar/Racist Comments

  • If a staff member feels that you're taking it too far you will be temporary/permanently muted depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Repeat offenders risk a permanent ban without further warning.

  6. No Impersonating RSCEmulation Staff

  • Anyone attempting to impersonate a staff member will be temporary/permanently banned depending on the severity of the offense.
  • You may not have "MOD", "ADMIN", "PMOD", "DEV" or anything that implies you're a staff member in your name or signature.
  • Further action may be taken against other characters you play on.

  7. No Ignoring Staff

  • If a staff member approaches you in game and you don't respond (providing that you're doing an action that requires you to be active at your computer) you will be jailed with absolutely no warning until you respond to them.
  • We do this to verify that you are actually playing and not using a third-party application to play the game for you.
  • Refer to rule 1. No Autoing/Macroing (which includes using a modified client or 3rd party software).

  8. No Account Sharing

  • Sharing accounts is strictly prohibited, and anyone caught doing so, will be banned on the imposing accounts.

  9. Community Gameplay

  • Everyone is here to play, so please respect each other and allow everyone to carry on with their own mission.
  • Players caught intentionally and continuously disrupting others gameplay will be temporarily banned with further action to ensue should the offender not cease the activity.
    (This rule will not apply to the wilderness)

  10. Fair Play

  • While the aforementioned rules cover most common offenses, we cannot anticipate every circumstance.
  • Please play this server fairly, do not search for a method to cheat the system.
  • This rule includes stake blocking as well. (standing on stakes, dropping items on stakes, etc...)
  • We reserve the right to take any action we deem necessary to keep RSCEmulation as fair and safe as possible.

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