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2019-03-23 10:17:09

Make sure you stay up to date by joining our Discord We have a dedicated channel #updates with plenty of information. For those who are not on our discord, here is a list of our recent updates:

Finished presets
Updated client title
Added logout sound
Released new client.

Updated stackable drop amounts
WIP: Presets
Ok final product, maybe I will change the letters to the symbols from hiscores list but right now going to leave it. Already wasted an hour and a half on it -_-

Added prayer shop
Added gnome shop
Updated information and fixed typo
Updated some item prices
Updated sounds

Reset all kills
Reset all deaths
Unbanned all banned accounts
Cleaned up live feed
Updated and released new installer.

3/14/2019 Updates
Changed moderator permissions. If a moderator attempts to ban, kick or interfere with a duel or fight the moderator will be banned on the spot and we'll be notified. While we don't have mods in game yet, we'll be assigning some and want to ensure that the staking scene is legitimate and fair.  :smiley:
Added ::online for regular users
Added information messages
Added information starter
Removed dragon chain
Removed dragon legs

3/12/2019 Updates
KBD lever changed to 5 seconds
KBD lair changed to level 10 wildy
Balaclava and Skeleton mask added to KBD drop table
Disabled npc blocking pathfinding.
Downgraded client to JDK 1.6
Non wildy altars now restore all stats
Added additional portals to wildy.
Players now recieve 100k coins every 30 minutes.

3/11/2019 Updates
Changed range delay after combat
Fixed zoning system
Logging in now gives everyone subscription benefits
Changed subscription system.
Changed fatigue system
Added ::shop command (plenty of room for more shops)
Fixed UI system

3/10/2019 Updates
updated shop items
updated item prices
changed quest menu title
added kills to info menu
added deaths to info menu
added kd ratio to info menu
changed login message
added depositall button at top of bank menu or use ::depositall
added 3 more areas for loading
added storkpk drop table
updated ::stuck command
updated portal
released new client
removed some useless things
added altar to edgeville
changed spell delay

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