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To play, please use the Client Loader. Make sure you create a character via the Character Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer to a question of importance you may have, please post a thread on the forum.

Q: What are the current experience rates? (click to show / hide)

- 12x Non subscribed, outside of the wilderness.
- 17x Subscribed, outside of the wilderness.
- 14x Non subscribed, inside the wilderness.
- 18x Subscribed, inside the wilderness.

Secondary Skills (ie Woodcut, Mining, etc):
- 10x Non subscriber.
- 15x Subscribed.

Q: What is the current state of the wilderness? (click to show / hide)

Weakens enabled.

Godspells disabled.

Godspells enabled.
Weakens disabled.

Weakens enabled.
Godspells disabled.

Weakens disabled.
Godspells disabled.

Weakens disabled.
Godspells disabled.

Weakens disabled.
Godspells disabled..

Weakens disabled.
Godspells disabled.

Q: How do I download the client (distribution manager)?

A: Currently, there is a link on the forum index. You can also (click here)

Q: How can I play using my browser?

A: The webclient is currently unavailable, but we encourage you to download the client from the (link) above to come play with us!

Q: I want to reduce some levels on one of my characters, how can I do that?

A: You can check out the character hub or alternatively, (click here).

Q: I have a complicated question or situation in which I need assistance, how can I get help?

A: There are several ways, for example:

a) You could post a topic in the support forum section detailing the situation. This way you may get a response back quicker if it is a common issue and other players may be able to answer it.
b) You could private message any one of the staff members on the team. (click here) to see a list of active staff members.
c) You could also try catching us on (Facebook) or (Discord)

Q: I have lost the password to my forum account, how can I get back in?

A: If you no longer have the email you have registered to the account, then you can not gain access to that forum. Otherwise when trying to log on, select the forgotten password option below the Username and Password fields.

Q: I was banned recently, but I want to appeal that ban. How can I go about that?

A: Head to the Offense Appeal section on the forums and copy the template from the sticky, then post a new topic with your name in the subject. Please read all the information found in the sticky thoroughly before posting.

Q: I would like to apply to become a staff member, how can I go about joining the team?

A: If we are currently accepting applications, one will be posted in the general section of the forums. We prefer applicants to have some experience playing on the server so as to have a better understanding of how the server is run.

Q: Where can I find a complete list of the rules for playing here?

A: You may find the rules (click here).

For other questions you may have, feel free to private message a staff member. Also make sure you check out other sections of the forums like the Guides, Tutorials & Tools section for great in game guides.

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